Hello! I am planning to change the name of the server to MilleniumCraft. I am gonna make a poll if you agree or disagree.
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Cops will be added
Wanted Levels will be added
Random Loot Chest will be added
Guns will be updated
Texture Pack will be updated

P.S We need your suggestion. Make one here Link: Suggestions.

In-game name:


Skype(Its Required to be a Staff Member):

In Game Rank:

What Staff Rank will you apply? (Choose Helper,Builder and Jr.Moderator):

Why would you like to join the team?:

What makes you different from others?:

How long have you played on MConquerPvP?:

What experience do you have?:

What could you bring to the server?:

I recently added VoteParty and Big GTA Map on the server